West’s Soda Syrups

Monday 14th December 2020

Do you have a Home Soda maker or looking to get one? Wests are proud to offer one of New Zeelands largest varieties of both Regular and Sugar Free syrups for your machine. With a huge 11 Regular & 8 Sugar Free flavours available for you; save yourself money, help the environment and enjoy the delicious and unique flavours that only Wests can offer! These have also proven popular as a mixer flavour for Cocktails in commercial premises.

View our range at, shop online, and better yet, order a carton of 12 bottles for nationwide delivery of any combination of flavours you so chose!

Reminded of our History and Community Links

Saturday 10th October 2020

Did you know that Wests Cordials have been continuously producing our delicious Beverages since 1876? A proud member of the Dunedin Community for 146 years now, we have recently worked to uncover, and bring to light more of our history to share. From the original Ceramic Jars, to some funky label designs through the 80's & 90's we have adapted and moved to serve our products throughout the ages. We have started to package our images and history into a campaign to highlight just how far back we go, and build exitement for where we can go from here. Please feel free to reach out to with any old posters / material you may have at home!

Wests Shop re-opens for Alert-Level 2

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Dear Wests Customers

The Wests Shop is set to reopen on Thursday 14 May at 8am! We look forward to seeing you all again and providing you with our delicious Wests drinks and our friendly customer service!

Whilst at Level 2, and for the sake of the safety of both the general public and of shop staff, please observe the following rules:

- Only people wishing to make a purchase should enter the shop

- Maximum number of customers at any one time inside the shop: 3

- Maintain social distancing of 2 meters if for separate bubbles

Thank-you all for your loyal custom!

Wests Trading During Level 3 Lock Down

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Dear Wests Customer,

We are now both open to despatch Wests products to wholesale customers nationwide, and also to supply to our retail Wests Dunedin shop customers in a "contactless way".

If you are able to pick up from Wests 135 Bay View Road Dunedin, simply place your order online selecting "pick up from Wests" (no delivery fee), pay online, and we will get whatever you've ordered ready for you.

You may also call us at 4554448 for any requirements (such as gas bottles).

Collection times are as mutually agreed (generally anytime between 9am - 3pm). Just call us at 45534448 when you arrive at the Wests shop entrance.

Thank you all for your pacience during these very unusual times!


Wests During Stage 4 Lock Down

Friday 3rd April 2020

Dear Wests Customers,

We wish to reach out to you during the difficult "stage 4" Lock Down period caused by the Coroana virus. Wests is part of the Food Chain and a supplier to supermarkets, and thus we are deemed to be an essential business as per government decree. The Wests shop is closed during the lock-down period, but we are able to supply both our wholesale and door-to-door customers. Simply place orders on-line, or email us at, or call us at (03)4554448 (leave a message if no-one answers - our phones are checked daily and we will respond with the same degree of urgency as always).

These are difficult times for the New Zealand economy, and for many New Zealand businesses. At Wests, we very much value our customers, and we will continue to do all we can to produce delicious drinks and to provide the same superb customer service as we have done for the past 144 years...

Please all stay safe!!   ...   With Cordial greetings from the Team at Wests


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