There's only one Cola & Raspberry

Sunday 12th November 2017, 03:32pm

Synonymous with Southern Summers & Memories, Wests' Cola & Raspberry has been around for generations and continues to be a much loved flavour of the South!

Known for its all-important balance between our Classic Cola, as well as Raspberry flavours - its popularity speaks for itself. Throw in the broad range of products and sizes that we stock it in as well & we're sure that those who have yet to try it will agree. Pre-mixed Soft Drinks? Done. Homemade Soda Machine Syrups? Done. Refreshing Slushy flavour after a day at the beach? Done.

Also widely availalbe in Sugar Free varieties across these products, we're sure that you'll find a product & variety to suit your needs.

Wests' Cola & Raspberry - Others can try, but we know the truth. There's only one!