New Wests Milkshake Flavours!

Friday 21st September 2018

Following popular demand, we have created the following delicious new milkshake flavours:

  • Rum Milkshake
  • Rum & Raisin Milkshake

Just in time for spring and summer, to help you refresh and quench your thirst!

Available from the Wests Dunedin Factory Shop, or online at using our convenient door to door delivery service, at:

  • just $6 for a 1-litre bottle
  • just $9.50 for a 2-ltr bottle
  • Cheers from your Team at Wests!

Beat the Heat with Wests' Slushies!

Saturday 9th December 2017

Looking to offer your customers a Delicious & Refreshing treat this Summer? Wests is proud to offer 12 great Slushy Flavours throughout New Zealand that is sure to be a hit! Coming in Perfect 2 Litre PET Bottles, each bottle of Syrup dilutes perfectly to fill an industry standard 10 Litre Machine Drum. Further, order through Wests and enjoy the ability to customise your order box to whatever combination of flavours your business needs.

Coming in boxes of 6-Bottles per Carton, Wests is able to offer door-to-door shipping throughout New Zealand. Already stocked by many Chains & Retailers throughout the nation, we are no stranger to the requirements of businesses both large and small during the peak Summer Months.

Feel free to check out our Range below, and as always we are always free to speak to directly should you have any questions.

There's only one Cola & Raspberry

Sunday 12th November 2017

Synonymous with Southern Summers & Memories, Wests' Cola & Raspberry has been around for generations and continues to be a much loved flavour of the South!

Known for its all-important balance between our Classic Cola, as well as Raspberry flavours - its popularity speaks for itself. Throw in the broad range of products and sizes that we stock it in as well & we're sure that those who have yet to try it will agree. Pre-mixed Soft Drinks? Done. Homemade Soda Machine Syrups? Done. Refreshing Slushy flavour after a day at the beach? Done.

Also widely availalbe in Sugar Free varieties across these products, we're sure that you'll find a product & variety to suit your needs.

Wests' Cola & Raspberry - Others can try, but we know the truth. There's only one!

Wests' Milkshake Range

Saturday 11th November 2017

More commonly known for our popular Soft Drinks & Cordials, you may not know that we're also widely stocked throughout New Zealand as a supplier of the delicious flavours used in your Milkshakes! From classics such as Chocolate or Vanilla - To newcomers such as Rum & Raisin or BubbleGum, we're sure to have a flavour to match your needs.

Stocked across Dairies, Cafes & Outlets throughout the country, there's a fair chance that if you've enjoyed a Milkshake on a hot day, Wests' have supplied the flavours behind it.

With a massive range of 21 flavours available in our commercial 2 Litre PET Bottles, we're also able to meet household requirements through our comprehensive 1 litre products as well. This 1 Litre Range also includes a wide Selection of Sugar Free Syrups.

Further, as with all Wests Shipping options, you can mix & match your order cartons specifically to the range of flavours you require within that bottle size category (2 litres, 1 litre etc). Our customers really appreciate not being limited to buying too much of any one stock at once, and having the option to customise the contents of their order Cartons to best meet their own business & customer requirements.

With the warmer months approaching, and a delicious range of flavours available for yourself & your customers please feel free to browse our range below:

Wholesale 2 Litre Syrups:

Retail 1 Litre Syrups:

As always, we are also to help provide more information regarding Wholesale Accounts and shipping options as required. Feel free to Contact Us via your preferred method to find out more:



Movember at Wests

Wednesday 1st November 2017

The Team at Wests are all looking forward to seeing a few Mo's sprouting up over the course of Movember! Loving the grassroots & fun approach to fundraising, we'd love to support our fans who are looking to fundraise for it. If you're a Mo-Bro or a Mo-Sista & Officially registered with the Movember Foundation, Contact us via one of our Social Media Channels - or Via Email - With the Link to your profile. Over the course of the month, we'll select a lucky few for which to donate funds :)

Ready, set, Mo!

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