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Sugar Free Lime Cordial 1 litre 1 Litre

$6.00 per 1 Litre bottle

NZ Made GMO-Free Aspartame-Free Sugar-Free
Order Code: 1511 | Cartons of 12

One of our most popular Cordials, Wests' Lime Cordial is now available in Sugar Free!

With a smilar taste to that of our delicious regular Lime Cordial, you can now enjoy this flavour without the added sugar or calories!

Perfectly suitable for diabetics and the health conscious, Wests Sugar Free Lime Cordial is sure to appeal for those looking for a lighter option.

INGREDIENTS: Sweetener (950,955), Food Acid (330), Flavourings, Preservative (211), Colour

Also available in 1 Litre bottles.