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Cordials 2 Litre

Wests' 2 litre cordials cover our most popular flavours. Perfect for large gatherings or commercial purposes, this is a great size Cordial for sharing around!

If you are a commercial customer, please feel free to visit our Wholesale page for more information, contact us to find out more about wholesale prices.

Prices quoted online are Factory Shop rates and include GST. Invoices are provided with online orders for your records.

Please note that you can select any combination of flavours to fill your carton (6 bottles). This also includes any 2 litre products we offer (Milkshake, Cordials, Pineapple & Pear etc.)!

A courier fee per box applies, unless you wish to collect from the Wests Factory Shop directly.

Lime Cordial

$9.50 per 2 Litre bottle

Lemon Squash Cordial

$9.50 per 2 Litre bottle

Orange Cordial

$9.50 per 2 Litre bottle

Raspberry Cordial

$9.50 per 2 Litre bottle