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Honey Drinks

This is a refreshing, slightly fizzy beverage, containing authentic New Zealand Multi-Floral Manuka Honey, Propolis extract and Vitamin C.

Drink straight, or mix to taste with water or soda water.

NOT recommended for anyone with a bee product allergy.

Wests honey drinks were established in co-operation with Bee Products NZ Ltd, based in Nelson, New Zealand. Bee Products NZ Ltd are the suppliers of the multi-floral Manuka Honey and the Propolis Extract. Bee Products NZ Ltd have invented a unique method of extracting bee propolis suitable for use in drinks. This makes Wests honey drinks with propolis extract unique in the world!

Wests Honey Drinks are now available in the following 3 tasty flavour variants:

  • NATURAL (honey brown colour)
  • APPLE  (pale green colour)
  • LEMON (pale yelloy colour)

This range will subsequently be completed with

  • PEACH (bright pink colour)

Please click on the thumnail link below to view information regarding the individual drinks: