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Honey Drinks

This is a refreshing, slightly fizzy beverage, containing authentic New Zealand Multi-Floral Manuka Honey, Propolis extract and Vitamin C.

Drink straight, or mix to taste with water or soda water.

NOT recommended for anyone with a bee product allergy.

Each 600ml bottle contains approximately:

  • 5 gr authentic NZ multi-floral Manuka Honey
  • 1 gr Popolis Extract
  • 100 mg Vitamin C

Wests honey drinks contain approx 20% less sugar than standard soft drinks.

Wests honey drinks were established in co-operation with Bee Products NZ Ltd, based in Nelson, New Zealand. Bee Products NZ Ltd are the suppliers of the multi-floral Manuka Honey and the Propolis Extract. Bee Products NZ Ltd have invented a unique method of extracting bee propolis suitable for use in drinks. This makes Wests honey drinks with propolis extract unique in the world!

Wests Honey Drinks come in the following 4 tasty flavour variants:


The Product launch for Wests Honey Drinks witb Propolis is scheduled for end October 2018.