Caramel Milkshake Syrup 2 litre
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Caramel Milkshake Syrup 2 litre 2 Litre

$9.50 per 2 Litre bottle

NZ Made GMO-Free Aspartame-Free
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A popular flavour, Wests' Caramel Milkshake Syrup has the classic Caramel flavour that you know and love!

Perfectly suitable for Individuals as well as small commercial premises, Wests' 1 litre Milkshake Syrups go great! Coming in a tough PET bottle that can handle everyday use, Simply mix 1:5 Syrup/Milk (Or to taste) for a delicious milkshake that we're sure you'll love.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Food Acid (330), Flavourings, Preservative (211), Colour