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Pineapple & Pear Pineapple & Pear

Wests Pineapple & Pear has been a local institution for generations! A flavour without comparison, we combine delicious Pear and refreshing Pineapple into an unbelievable combination.

Best served chilled, and in 2 convenient sizes there is sure to be one that fits your needs. From the Classic 2 Litre 'Still' variety, to the newer 350mL Carbonated one, Enjoy on the go or share with friends or family, the choice is yours.

For a delicious way to escape the heat and treat the taste buds, you can't go further than Pineapple & Pear!


Pineapple & Pear 350ml

$1.50 per 350 ml bottle

Pineapple & Pear 2 litre

$4.00 per Bulk 2 Litre bottle