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Wests Postmix Syrups. 12 great bag-in-box flavours available, compatible with all machines (adapters provided free of charge if necessary) AND reasonably priced. At the same concentration as other suppliers, they taste great too!

There is an alternative to expensive suppliers and pushy sales reps. We are able to help you purchase your own machine outright but can also work with established infrastructure should that be easier. If you have a Foodstuffs / Trents account visit our Wholesale page and apply for a Credit Account to enjoy Free Shipping (FIS) throughout NZ.

Our customers enjoy the freedom of ordering through us only when they require stock, and are billed at very reasonable prices. All quoted prices include GST, and orders are delivered by courier within 1-4 business days with invoices attached for your records.

Please click on the thumbnails below to view our flavours and prices.