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Lemonade Postmix 20 Litre

$152.00 per 20 Litre bottle

NZ Made GMO-Free Aspartame-Free
Order Code: 2803 | Cartons of 1

Wests Lemonade is made from our famous recipe loved over the country. A cornerstone option along with our Cola, Lemonade is a popular choice for patrons. Available in a bulk 20 Litre Bag-in-Box, enjoy the great taste direct from your Postmix Gun!

Customers appreciate our reasonable prices, prompt service and friendly and relaxed communication. Compared to many suppliers, this allows you increased margins from your tap beverages, as well as ordering only what you want, when you want.

All Wests postmix syrups are at the same concentration as other leading brands (no re-brixing of the postmix machine is required). 20 litre Wests postmix is designed to make 120 litre of beautiful fizz ready to drink. The bladders inside the box screw onto black connectors (same as "Pepsi"). Please contact us in case you require more black connectors.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Food Acid (330), Flavourings, Preservative (211),

Also available in 10 Litre bottles.