Sugar Free Fruit Cocktail 1 litre
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Sugar Free Fruit Cocktail 1 litre 1 Litre

$6.00 per 1 Litre bottle

NZ Made GMO-Free Aspartame-Free Sugar-Free
Order Code: 1811 | Cartons of 12

Wests' Sugar Free Fruit Cocktail Soda Syrup! A delicious flavour that is very popular in our regular range, this Soda Syrup is the only way to taste it Sugar Free. With a tropical theme, it is refreshing on a hot day with a taste that will bring back the memories!

Perfect for diabetics and the health conscious, Wests Sugar Free Soda Syrups are compatible with any home Soda Machine and are very reasonably priced. Enjoy New Zealand's largest variety of Sugar Free Soda Syrup flavours with Wests!

INGREDIENTS: Sweetener (950,955), Food Acid (330), Flavourings, Preservative (211), Colour