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Soft Drinks 600 mL

Wests' 600 mL Soft Drink range is packed with a huge variety of different flavours, at very reasonable prices.

In an age where similar sized drinks cost you an arm and a leg, our 600 mL range has the same delicious taste as our other Soft Drinks, but in a quantity that can last you the distance or shared with others.

If you're looking to purchase online, prices are at factory shop levels and you can select whichever combination of flavours you wish to make up a carton quantity (15 bottles).

A courier fee per box applies, unless you wish to collect from the Wests Factory Shop directly.


Cola & Raspberry

$2.20 per 600 mL bottle


$2.20 per 600 mL bottle

Ice Cream Soda

$2.20 per 600 mL bottle

Lemon Lime & Bitters

$2.20 per 600 mL bottle

Mango & Orange

$2.20 per 600 mL bottle

Redzenergy Energy Drink

$3.00 per 600 mL bottle


$2.50 per 600 mL bottle